Change Your Address Like a Pro!

Learn how to change your mailing address
Make sure your mail follows you to your new address
When you move, changing your mailing address is necessary to ensure that your mail is forwarded to your new residence. There are online change of address forms that you can use to take care of this at once. Getting this form filled out in a timely manner is important to ensure that your mail is sent to your new address before you even arrive. If mail still goes to your old address, you may miss important documents and other pieces of mail.

Using a Change of Address for Mail

There are several options now for changing your address that you can use. This ensures that you can find a convenient option that fits into your busy lifestyle. When you need to file for an official change of address, perform the following:

a)     You can go into your local post office and fill out a change of address card. It only takes a couple of minutes and a USPS employee can help you to ensure that it is done right.

b)     You can go online to the USPS address change page if you need to get it done quickly and do not have time for a trip to the post office.

c)     Make sure to put the names of all people who will be moving with you. This ensures that everyone gets their mail.

d)     Always fill out the card exactly and make sure to put your new address and your old address in the proper areas.

e)     There is also a printable change of address form option that you can take advantage of. Print out the form, fill it out completely and accurately and take it to your local post office. This will save you time because you will not have to fill out the form at the office when you get there. Simply get in line, hand it to the post service employee and you are done.

You will need to notify your creditors and other places that you do business with to officially change your address with them. Address change forms only forward your mail from the post office to your new residence. To ensure that everyone that needs it has your new address, use this change of address checklist to get it all done:

a)     Your job

b)     Any credit card companies and financial institutions

c)     All utility and monthly service companies

d)     All insurance companies

e)     Your doctor and other healthcare providers

f)      Your pet's veterinarian

g)     Any subscriptions you have

h)     Friends and family

i)      Your school or your child's school

j)      Any other company or service that you use

k)     The IRS

Mixed Change of Address

Some people live in one place during the summer and another place in the winter and need to ensure that they always get their mail. In this instance, the USPS offers a Premium Forwarding Service. There are fees involved at $17.00 per week and a $15.00 enrollment fee, but you will be sure that you are getting your mail no matter where you are living at the moment.

Quick Tips to Ensure that You Get a Proper Mail Address Change

When you look into how to change your address, there are some tips you want to follow to ensure that you get it done properly. It is an easy process, but even a small mistake can hold up your mail and prevent you from getting everything that you are waiting for. First and foremost, verify your new address and make sure that it is accurate. Double check it with your realtor or your new landlord. Make sure that the name of the city and street are spelled right. You should also get the zip code plus the four code that follows it for absolute accuracy.

You will need to decide on a permanent change of address or a temporary change of address, depending on your situation. It is important to note that permanent does not mean forever and it does not change the fact that you still need to contact everyone and change your address officially with everyone who sends you mail. With the temporary option, your mail is forwarded for 15 days to six months, depending on what you choose. You can get an extension for up to 12 months if this is necessary.

When you are changing your address, there are a few other things to note that many people do not think about at first. When you change your address with the USPS, it will not change your address with everything that you use your address for. This is simply a service that the USPS offers to help you get your mail while you are waiting for your change of address to go through with individual companies. When you are making all of your changes, make sure to also take care of the following:

a)     Check all of your address labels and toss them so that you can get new ones. Some companies will reprint some for free if you are a loyal customer.

b)     Make sure that all home business stationary is updated and all information on your websites and blogs.

c)     Change your luggage tags and all identification tags for your pets. This is especially important because you are moving to a new neighborhood where neighbors do not know your pets are yours.

d)     Change your address on your driver's license and any bank checks.

Now you know how to properly do a USPS change of address so that you will not experience any interruptions in getting your mail. It is important that you get this done ahead of time because if you wait until the last minute, your address update may not be processed in time to ensure that all of your future mail is delivered to the right address. If you are unsure about how far in advance you need to do this, talk to your local USPS branch. They will give you an accurate timeline so that you never miss anything important.