UPS Drop Off Near Me in Holladay UT

Addresses, phone numbers, and business hours for UPS Drop Offs in Holladay UT.

UPS Drop Off Holladay UT 6440 Wasatch Boulevard 84121

UPS Drop Off Holladay UT 4835 East Highland Drive 84117

UPS Drop Off Holladay UT 4725 South Holladay Boulevard 84117

About UPS Drop Offs

UPS Drop Off locations are places where you can drop off a prepaid package for delivery by UPS. UPS offers multiple Drop Off options, including UPS Drop Boxes, UPS Access Points, and retail locations, such as UPS Stores, UPS Customer Centers, and authorized shipping outlets. There are over 80,000 UPS Drop Off locations worldwide. UPS Drop Off locations accept both international and domestic shipments.