USPS Near Me in Moody, TX

USPS Mailbox Near Me in Moody, TX

USPS Mailbox Moody TX 501 Avenue E 76557

Post Offices Near Me in Moody, TX

Post Offices in Moody, TX - Find locations, hours, addresses, phone numbers, holidays, and directions to the closest Post Office near me.

Moody Post Office Moody TX 501 Avenue East 76557 254-853-2142

About USPS

The USPS, or United States Postal Service, dates back to 1775, when Benjamin Franklin became the first Postmaster General. Today, the USPS has grown into the world's largest postal delivery service, processing and delivering nearly half of the world's mail. The USPS delivers mail by plane, train, car, boat, hovercraft, and mule, and it operates the country's largest retail network. The USPS is a self-supporting government agency that does not receive tax dollars for its operating expenses.