USPS Mailbox Near Me in Franklin County NY

Addresses, phone numbers, and business hours for USPS Mailboxes in Franklin County NY.

USPS Mailbox Brushton NY 1 Gale Road 12916

USPS Mailbox Malone NY 177 Park St 12953

USPS Mailbox North Bangor NY 2449 State Route 11 12966

USPS Mailbox Brainardsville NY 2399 County Route 24 12920

USPS Mailbox Malone NY 228 West Main Street 12953

USPS Mailbox Malone NY 215 Elm St 12953

USPS Mailbox St. Regis Falls NY 2 Maple Leaf Drive 12980

USPS Mailbox Chateaugay NY 19 River Street 12920

USPS Mailbox Bombay NY 1794 State Route 95 12914

USPS Mailbox Owls Head NY 16 Ragged Lake Rd 12969

USPS Mailbox Rainbow Lake NY 1 Main St 12976

USPS Mailbox Tupper Lake NY 16 Demars Blvd 12986

USPS Mailbox Malone NY 150 Elm St 12953

USPS Mailbox Fort Covington NY 15 S Water St 12937

USPS Mailbox Brushton NY 1249 Washington St 12916

USPS Mailbox Tupper Lake NY 117 Park Street 12986

USPS Mailbox Constable NY 1138 New York 122 12926

USPS Mailbox Hogansburg NY 11 Saint Regis St 13655

USPS Mailbox Paul Smiths NY 1 Paul Smiths College 12970

USPS Mailbox St. Regis Falls NY 25 North Main Street 12980

About USPS Mailboxes

A USPS Mailbox is a drop-box for mail to be sorted, processed, and delivered by the United States Postal Service. The USPS dates back to 1775, when Benjamin Franklin became the first Postmaster General. Today, the USPS processes and delivers billions of pieces of mail every year, many of which are received through USPS Mailboxes. Blue USPS collection boxes can be used to mail any letter, or package weighing less than 13 ounces, that has a stamp.