USPS Mailbox Near Me in Livingston County NY

Addresses, phone numbers, and business hours for USPS Mailboxes in Livingston County NY.

USPS Mailbox Geneseo NY 1 College Circle 14454

USPS Mailbox York NY 2409 Main St 14592

USPS Mailbox Mount Morris NY 31 Chapel St 14510

USPS Mailbox Dansville NY 3 Spruce St 14437

USPS Mailbox Avon NY 275 E Main St 14414

USPS Mailbox Piffard NY 2706 Main Street 14533

USPS Mailbox Avon NY 270 E Main St 14414

USPS Mailbox Caledonia NY 258 North St 14423

USPS Mailbox Avon NY 25 Prospect St 14414

USPS Mailbox Dansville NY 200 Main Street 14437

USPS Mailbox Livonia NY 1 Main St 14487

USPS Mailbox Nunda NY 19 South State Street 14517

USPS Mailbox Dansville NY 189 Main Street 14437

USPS Mailbox Avon NY 164 Sackett Rd 14414

USPS Mailbox Avon NY 143 Genesee St 14414

USPS Mailbox Leicester NY 130 Main St 14481

USPS Mailbox Geneseo NY 13 South St 14454

USPS Mailbox Geneseo NY 119 Main St 14454

USPS Mailbox Dansville NY 116 Main Street 14437

USPS Mailbox Caledonia NY 3136 Main Street 14423

About USPS Mailboxes

A USPS Mailbox is a drop-box for mail to be sorted, processed, and delivered by the United States Postal Service. The USPS dates back to 1775, when Benjamin Franklin became the first Postmaster General. Today, the USPS processes and delivers billions of pieces of mail every year, many of which are received through USPS Mailboxes. Blue USPS collection boxes can be used to mail any letter, or package weighing less than 13 ounces, that has a stamp.