Post Office Near Me in Clinton County PA

Addresses, phone numbers, and business hours for Post Offices in Clinton County PA.

Avis Post Office Avis PA 14 West Central Avenue 17721 570-753-3100

Beech Creek Post Office Beech Creek PA 26 Grant Street 16822 570-962-2993

Castanea Post Office Castanea PA 120 Logan Ave 17726 570-748-2572

Lamar Post Office Lamar PA 5015 Nittany Valley Drive 16848 570-726-6263

Lock Haven Post Office Lock Haven PA 15 West Main Street 17745 570-748-8055

Loganton Post Office Loganton PA 83 West Main Street 17747 570-725-3796

Mackeyville Post Office Mill Hall PA 191 Mackeyville Road 17751 570-726-3999

Mc Elhattan Post Office McElhattan PA 529 McElhattan Drive 17748 570-769-6023

Mill Hall Post Office Mill Hall PA 15 Pennsylvania Avenue 17751 570-726-4717

North Bend Post Office North Bend PA 232 Main Street 17760 570-923-1643

Renovo Post Office Renovo PA 365 Huron Avenue 17764 570-923-1410

Westport Post Office Westport PA 56 School Ln 17778 570-923-1511

Woolrich Post Office Woolrich PA 1039 Park Avenue 17779 570-769-6102

About Post Offices

A USPS Post Office is a local branch of the United States Postal Service. In 1789, the USPS operated 75 Post Offices, and since then the USPS has opened thousands of Post Offices around the country. Today, USPS Post Offices sort, process, and deliver mail, provide USPS services to customers, and offer a range of other services, including passport services.